We wanna take you on an adventure through a whole lot of epicness.

At the moment we are a small faction server but we look forward to grow much bigger then we are at the moment.

Our faction server is borderless, so you can keep on exploring as long as you like.

We also have vote crates a dropparty now and then and some cool ranks.

We have two paid ranks called Hawkeye and Warlord. These contain some unique features and a nice kit. You can find more info about these ranks underneath the tab Ranks.

We also have the rank Premium which is an upgraded player rank which gives you an extra home, some money and acces to the Premium kit.

Then there is the Elite rank which can be obtained through RARE vote crates, the rank player of the week which you can obtain by being active on the server and voting.

And finally the rank MVP which can only by obtained by one player each month.

We are also working at mob arena and Tnt run at the moment and their will be more in the future.

But for now we hope you enjoy your stay and you will be having a fun time on this server.